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Door de veranderende economie zijn creatieve ideeën belangrijker dan ooit. Individuen worden gestimuleerd hun passie na te leven en dromen te volgen. KATIE LONGTOES is trots op al deze nieuwe creaties en omarmt de kansen om samen succesvol te worden. Onze kracht is het versterken van initiatieven door met de juiste middelen te communiceren en deze creaties met elkaar te verbinden.

KATIE LONGTOES is gespecialiseerd in corporate PR voor groeiende ondernemers voor binnen en buitenland, waarbij unieke communicatie tools en inspirerende teksten centraal staan. KATIE LONGTOES helpt met het lanceren van product of dienst, het ontwikkelen van een imagocampagne of een rebranding traject. KATIE LONGTOES bedenkt samen met jou een passende PR strategie, realiseert de gewenste marktpositionering, maken jou top-of-mind in het medianetwerk en houden je actief op social media. Uiteindelijk draait het allemaal om het aantrekkelijk zichtbaar maken van een product of dienst.

The person behind Katie Longtoes

Robin den Dekker: I am someone who is modern, creative and believes in integrity. After studying communication and a PR internship at an international known fashion brand I was hired after my thesis at TIGI – an internationally known professional hair company. I Started my own business and assignment as an Commercial Manager for Sterwijnenthuis. Lifestyle is key in each industry, so I try to keep up to date about updates and lifestyle as much as I can. Being up to date also helps me write about my need to share my inspiration, thoughts, dreams, personal style, trends, interests, favourite places and many other things I love. My perseverance and various challenges makes me work to improve myself and my skills, for me, evolving is part of becoming better at what I do. I set high expectations for my results, and will work hard to achieve them. My ideal company is one with strong leadership and a clear vision. I’m someone who thinks positively and can execute various tasks, and I’m no individual who needs to be micromanaged. Perhaps the most important thing of all is: –I’m a dog person-

My name is Robin den Dekker and I started this blog for the need to share my inspiration, thoughts, dreams, personal style, trends, interests, favourite places and many other things I love. This blog started all in the name of Katie Longtoes. This is the nickname my parents gave me when I was younger. It kind of stuck and I love it now. In 2014 (April 1st) I decided to start my very own company and called it (as you can guess) Katie Longtoes. the reason I chose this personal name is because I want every brand or client I work for to get the personal approach.

For any questions about anything at all, please send an e-mail to rhmj.dendekker@gmail.com

Robin den Dekker

Robin den Dekker


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