Outfit: Cocktails on friday


Feel like going out for some cocktails in this little chique but playful outfit. I’m in the mood for something chique with special details (and a GT). Would buy the socks instantly as I love to wear socks in my schoes/boots/heels.

Friday cocktail lookI’d also love to rock this colour, Christel Lunqvist created for the TIGI S-factor brand. Unfortunately with my skintone I just can’t pull it off. So for the clothes ánd the haircolour…. Dream on!

Do you wear socks in your heels?

X, Katie

Source: Net a porter – topshop – www.tigi.nl

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One Response to Outfit: Cocktails on friday

  1. colormusing says:

    I’ve seen the socks-with-shoes look is having a moment this spring, and I find it an amusing idea, but I think it takes just the right combination of clothes and shoes/socks to do it successfully. I have a pair of anklets that are almost sheer, with black and grey roses embroidered on them that might work with black heels, a below-knee pencil skirt, and thin pullover. (Think Sexy Secretary for the modern girl.)

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