New Year’s week part 2: The Efteling!!!!!

The efteling is pure nostalgia. Fairy tale forest, and wild rides in a beautyful, and I mean really really mesmerizing place.

About the Efteling: The Efteling has been welcoming visitors to its World of Wonders for almost 60 years. Today, Efteling is proud to be an international leader in the tourism and recreation industry. Efteling has been entertaining its visitors since the opening of the Fairytale Forest in 1952, and continues to surprise them with new and exciting attractions and entertainment. The Efteling has a reputation as a highly-professional, creative and efficient organisation which has been achieved through continued dedication to customer-oriented and customer-friendly products and services.

We went with Marcia and Jaap, Hilke and Adam, wes and me!

foto (8)


The entrance! Like a little kid, so excited I was!!!!!!


Schrobbeler in the efteling


We started with Schrobbeler, Cheers!!



And the first ride: the bob! It’s like a bobslee course!

foto (16)


All the little details… Me likey!

foto (13)


Wanted to take  a nice picture of us, but Wessel…. Let’s say I failed!!



Then we went to the Carnaval festival!

foto (11)


Marcia took this picture of us in the ride!

foto (14)


Crazy dragon couple!!



The group!!



I’m afraid of the ship, but Wessel, Hilke and Adam did get in it. All the way at the top!! This is the only ride I just can’t go in. I’ll be sick, juk!

foto (17)


Great detail right?

foto (15)


These hats were for free with the hot dog….. Great picture… Thanks Mars…

foto (9)


It’s great in the winter when it gets dark outside. The lamps everywhere and the lightening on the rides, its so lovely! I took this picture when we just got out the newest attraction, it’s the new wooden rollercoaster calle: “Joris en de Draak” and I loved it!!!!!



The “Vogelrock” bird was wearing a hat and a scarve!!


When in Holland => Go to the Efteling!!!!


X, Katie

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