New Years week Part 1: Friends, fireworks and some walking

Christmas time.. I love it! I’m always a bit sad when it’s over. Specially this time: I was ill….

15After Christmas I didn’t feel too good. Got ill for four days, got kinda better right on time for the new year!! The first two days I couldn’t even get out of bed, the 2nd two days were a bit better: I watched the expanded version of all three Lord of the Rings movies on the couch, together with Guusje!


16On New Year’s eve we had a dinner party with a couple of friends! My boy set the table, and I thought he did a great job!!



Elise made this picture. Looks nice, right?



The start of 2013!!!! We took this picture in the first minute of 2013!!!!! Happy New Year!!!!!



And we went outside for the fireworks!! Hilke thought she was a wizard (long story).



This picture isn’t clear at all, but I love it anyway!! This is with Marcia ❤



Hilke’s Boyfriend from Sydney is in Holland and it was his first New Year here, he was amazed by the fireworks. from every angle you could see amazing fireworks.



He tried to film it all. I’m kinda curious on how it turned out!!



The next day we went out for a walk with the dog. We had big plans for drinks and meeting up with friends, but I didn’t feel too good: so just to be sure I didn’t get ill again: easy day!



Wes took this picture of us. Lovely right.


2On wednesday I had a extra day off, so we went to the beach. We use to live near the beach and I love it. Now it’s a two hour drive… But it’s worth it though.



She really loves it and goes all out!!



This picture was taken at the restaurant on the beach where we had lunch.



Love love loooove this picture of Wessel and me. Love the sand dunes and the reflection in our glasses!!! It’s my new background picture on my cell.



We had to take another shot of the weirdo on the beach (and I’m talking about the dog now).



And a kissy!!


foto (12)

When we got back home, we decided to open this bottle of wine we got from Hilke and Adam on New Years eve. It was a great wine!!

X, Katie

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