Photo diary: Christmas is the best time in the world!!

I love Christmas time!


Christmas time is here, and that means: LAURIE’S IN HOLLAND!!! We went out on the town the sunday before christmas. There was christmas atmosphere and we just had to take a peak!!


And so I found Wessel playing outside a cafe. the street was packed with people and it looked really christmassy!


My dad was a Harley Davidson santa. Tries to look angry in this picture but I think he looks kinda sweet!! hahahaha!


It didn’t take long for us to find our own Christmas hats!!


One think led to another….. Did you just call me a HO?


We found a christmas tree and brought it with us to ‘t Pumpke where geoffrey posted this on the cafe’s Facebook page. Me and my friend the Xmas tree!!


Christmas eve it was family time: Britt and Jan made sushi!! everybody who wanted to cook could. so we had a couple of different dishes at my uncle and aunt’s new place! They turned a old factory building into a wonderful house and workspace called Studio Boot.


Wessel and my grandma!!


Then it was my turn to cook! I prepared almost everything at home and the cooking was a success. I made porcini pasta.I wore a new dress from topshop. Do you like?


My Niece Britt and me!  we don’t look alike in real life, but I think there’s some resemblance in this picture!


The next day Beethoven was on the television. Guusje couldn’t stop watching it; so funny!


1st Christmas day we went to Wessels family. This is me and wessel’s aunt. They have this great bar in the back of the garden and Carry decorated it really pretty!!


This is me and Lisa at the bar. Really like this picture from the schoulder up, but wessel sais it’s nice. But anyway: The bar is the most important thing: looks great doesn’t it!!


I took this picture of Wessel and his mom: isn’t it cute as heck!!545298_540882089258243_1931187400_n

Then it was time to eat!! a lot, but really good food: Tasty!!


and drink!!!


I just love family time.


The next day  we went out for a walk with the dogs with my parents. I tried to make Quintus pose for a pretty picture, but within a fraction of a second he was rolling around and acting crazy!!


In Holland boxing day is called 2nd Christmas day: and that’s something that needs to be celebrated too! I made this recipe for the first time. It’s pikeperch on a bed of poached seaweed and a foamed oyster beurre blanc sauce with chives. It was kinda big but loved it. Definately something to cook again!






Wes’ Uncle gave my parents some of his home brewed beer to taste: Cheers!!!
The beer was really good though.

How was your Christmas?

X, Katie

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One Response to Photo diary: Christmas is the best time in the world!!

  1. shiroknowes says:

    Hoi zie dat je een prettige kerst heb gehad en ik wens je een gelukkig 2013 !

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