Photo diary: a very TIGI Xmas week



A friend of mine Annelijn Sinjorgo send this to me: Picture perfect!! My two hobby’s combined; Disney and Fashion




Then I decided it was time for my Xmas sweater!! I posted this preview of it on my Instagram accout



The day after I really did get to wear it. I combined it with blac leather trousers and shiny Dr martens and a spikey necklace: Bad santa girl!!




I Received a phone call from the other side of the world; My brother! It was great to talk to him again and that he’s found a job (apparantly it’s really expensive in Sydney: work brother.. WORK)!! Guusje wanted more attention so she makes me cuddle her (the fool).


MUST HAVE Hijos de Villa Blanco Silver Tequila Pistool


I was searching the internet for this amazing Tequila!! Found it!!! It’s definately a MUST HAVE: Hijos de Villa Blanco Silver Tequila Gun. It’s designed specially in honor of the 100th year Mexican Revolution


A friend of mine posted this in return: so it’s gonna be a mexican night with lots of TEQUILA baby!! Let’s pick a date Elise!!



Wes and me had a diner together at home on friday: Been a while!!!!




On Sunday I had a TIGI Incrowd Xmas diner. My mom braided my hair: I LOVED IT!!!!




The funny think about the TIGI Xmas party is that we had to cook out own food!! This is me and Marije van de Velde in the kitchen!! She’s the owner of Hip 22: A hairsalon in Kampen, Holland! Great girl (couldn’t cook though).




Someone who can cook: Chef Gijs from Spijs in Vught. It’s this great place to dine and learn!!




The sushi as a starter with a tasting of different wines. I loved the Rosé with the sushi!!




This is me and my colleage Sander during the main course!! It was delicious.




We did this auction for Serious Request. Serious Request is an annual project by Dutch radio station, 3FM, in which they collect money for Red Cross initiatives—the inaugural project was held in 2004. During the project, three DJslive in a house constructed of glass for six days (five days for the first year) without access to food—instead, the captive volunteers drink a special type of juice for sustenance. This year the theme is: Let’s hear it for the baby’s! It’s about dying baby’s in 3rd world country’s. We auctioned the graffiti artwork for €510,-: great money spend if you ask me!!



Sunny Christmas tree!!




Last wednesday I took Guusje to work. She joins me sometimes and really likes it. She needs a toy to come with her and she guards the showroom and played with her Xmas bear!! TIGI dog!




Celebration for Wessel!!



And I got my Christmas gift at work. Love love looove rituals!



That’s right!!

I’m ready and papered for Christmas time! How about you?


X, Katie




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I started this blog for the need to share my inspiration, thoughts, dreams, personal style, trends, interests, favorite places and many other things I love. I’m a 28 year old from 's-Hertogenbosch (the Netherlands) with a passion for fashion, photography, writing, and hair products. All in the name of Katie Longtoes For any questions about collaborations, advertising or sponsorship, or for any questions at all, please send an e-mail to
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