Photo diary: good bye little bro and Last TIGI course of the year!!

Last week (including the two weekends) was kinda chaotic. That’s also the reason why I had no other posts on the blog. Lets start with saturday the 1st of December: I went all animal print that day!! Totally in love with this owl sweater that I bought in Notting Hill.

full on animal print saturday

In the evening I had to dress up. I wore a burgundy dress and a statement phoenix necklace for the birthday of a friend. It was a great evening with perfect food and wine!!

was tagged on this pic.

I love this picture with Coco Bosmans and Enny Bosmans! I hadn’t talked to Enny in a long time. Such a fun girl!!  It looks so cosy and pretty!!

diner with

The next day we had a goodbye dinner at my parents for my “little” brother Jeroen. He’s going off to Australia for a whole year!! We’re from sint michielsgestel in Holland, and translated it’s saint michaels castle, so I made him this shirt to wear over there!!

nuff said

The next day a new week began: Monday!!! I hate mondays so I decided wo wear my other new sweater I bought in London. going all Panda..

Dikke panda sweater, bought in portobello road

The last TIGI course of the year was last week: HAIR UP by Maria Kovacs. This is my favourit course ever because it translates fashion into hair! Love it.


On this model: Lisa Michiels she re-created the Mara Hoffman A/W 2012 look


This look is from the PPQ A/W 2012 look. the model for this look is Julia Marcolina: perfect curls on her!! “We wanted the look to be glamorous with a nod to the 1950’s, but translated to a young, modern girl.” This look was so quick! and I can’t wait to get to wear this one. I’m thinking New Year’s eve!!!!!


For the last look from the catwalk Maria decided to recreate the KENZO look the TIGI creative team created during Paris Fashion week. The model for this look is Alexe Jansen. the briefing they got to work with was: “This girl is young and elegant, from downtown New York. She’s been out all night and this hair is about the morning after the night before! It’s raining and she’s walking home, back downtown.” Anthony Turner.


When the look (knot) was done, she finished it with TIGI Catwalk’s Session series wet look gel to make it look like it was rained out. That was really cool to see, and the look suited the model Alexe perfectly!


I love how Maria used the looks that were perfect for every individual model.



The next day I didn’t had to work so I decided to go out for a big walk at sunrise with Guusje (my dog).

Perfecte dag om mn kleine broertje uit te zwaaien. Mis je stiekem nu al! Geniet ervan

In the afternoon we went to Schiphol Airport to drop off my brother! As I said he’s leaving for a year and the moment was finally there!! It kinda hit me right there and then that I’m going to miss him big time!! It was so weird seeying him walk through customs and knowing that I wont see him for a long time. He’s going alone and I think that’s so cool!!!


That afternoon I decided to clean my house in preparation for Christmas (my favourit time of the year)! When I got back from the kitchen I found Guusje watching the dog whisperer (hope she learns something from it, like NOT  lying on the couch)!!!


on the 5th of December in Holland we celebrate Sinterklaas (not santa claus). We made this family picture for Jeroen (the brother in Australia). It’s a family tradition to write a poem for one member of the family (lottery drawn) and buy a little present for them. The other tradition is Taco’s and Tequila!! My grandma makes the best Taco’s, JUM!! I’m so glad she’s back from her holiday (not only for the food:)).


Last weekend I finally got to create a Christmas house! But since I never had a christmas tree before due to small living, I had to buy everything!! I didn’t really mind :D!!!!!!! By the way; I’m totally in love with my new bag from Modemusthaves. it’s spikey and green; what could a girl want more?


That’s the tree!! We moved the desk so we could fit a tree, but it’s worth every inch!!


I don’t like the Peak christmas things that everybody puts on the top op the tree. Thankfully my boyfriend didn’t mind something… different!! So I knotted a silver chain around it and hung this little weird owl on it. Love love looooove it (and the owl looks so funny)!!


And the snow started!! Love this view from one of my dog-walking route!!


Are you in the cristmas spirit already?

X, Katie

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