Photo diary: International inspiration


For our 5 year anniversary with Wessel we went to Burgge, it was the first time I went there and it was absolutely amazing. Such a cute town with delicious beers (and I don’t usually drink beer) and the most perfect chocolate. But especially the scenery was mesmerizing.

This beer was in the smallest pub of the city, there was a limitation of three per person. This fact made me laugh when I heard it, but when I finished this I surely did understand….


So after that beer (the Gulden draak) we had to choose something different!

I took this picture when we went in the boat tour.


I loved the hotel Wessel arranged for us, It’s called the Waldorf and the room was huge! This was the hallway that directed to the dinner room, I felt like dressing up in a Marie Antoinette outfit and party old style.


When we got back Fall kicked in! This path is the “Mushroom path”offcourse this is not it’s official name, but I gave it that when I was a kid. This was bacause of the humongous mushrooms that grow here.


So we had to go for a walk with the crazy dog!!

The last fall picture of this photo diary, this is in front of my mom and dad’s place in the morning. It really lifted my mood ( I can get cranky in the mornings).


We had a dinner with a couple of my best friends. Elise, Hilke and Nynke were there (nynke was the one taking the picture). She put the picture on facebook and got people laughing about the goose (my gijs, which I own for ten years now).


Flu struck.. Happily I got my big love Guusje to keep me company. She didn’t want to leave my side, so cute!!


Get well flowers ❤

I wasn’t totally feeling better, but I had to go to Manchester for a Hair Reborn course. Offcourse I had to take a picture of my travelling outfit!


These are my travelling companions: Rien and Anja! They really liked the drinks they were serving at the hotel. We had a great evening!!


Then it was time for bed. I loved the view from my hotel room: the red line of text is the Manchester United “Old Tafford” stadium: Great view!!

We had the Hair Reborn training in the manchester TIGI Academy. Bernie Koebl did the training, and he explained it very well. It was really inspiring to get to learn about the technology Unilever put in the range!!!!


Wessel picked me up from the train station when I got back realy late.


We went out for dinner because my brother turned 25!!!! We’re grown up now…. But he doesn’t want to beleive it: He’s going to Australia for a year. He’s leaving the 4th of december, and’m missing him already!!

We ate at “Die Twee” in Vught. The food is absolutely perfect there!!


Family pic!!

The next day Leo (a friend of mine) turned 30. We had a big dinner and a great evening!!!


The evening ended with everybody wearing the most diverse hats, so: Hat pic with Coco !!


The next day Wessel and me had an sunday afternoon with no obligations: Cheers!


Guusje sometimes joins me at work. I took this picture while driving to work. She’s like a parrot LOL!


At work I realised my bag was broken (the inside was totally wrecked). So i guess it’s time to say goodbye….. 😦


I had a great day during TIGI Way of Cutting Part 5 in our TIGI Talenthouse: The models looked amazing in their Janice outfits!!


Our long hair model Ariane had an amazing haircut by Ton Terburg from Bon Ton kappers.

Yess!!! My Chocolate from Tony’s Chocolonely arrived. Limited edition Salted caramel and milk chocolate bar and raspberry and crispy white chocolate bar. Jummie!!


And my boots from Topshop arrived! They’re perfect for this winter!!!


X, Katie






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