Photo diary: Time passes by

I realise I haven’t been posting as much (as I’s like to). I wanna start again, bacause I HANDED IN MY THESIS!!!! Hopefully it’s just my Thesis defence left and then.. Graduation!!!

I just wanted to post some photo’s from the last couple of weeks before my thesis.

In the end of September in my town there’s this even called Bourgondisch Den Bosch. All the different gastronomical restaurants gather on the square and it’s great for trying new dishes and drinking wine

The best part of this year was that Laurie came back for it from Barcalona where she lives (just for the weekend). the other great part is that Hilke’s back!! she lived in Australia for the last 11 months and she’s back now!!!! it was great, beeing together with all the friends!!


Offcourse we couldn’t go home when the event ended, so we ended up at the bar in the nearest pub!!!!
Was great going out with my girl Laurie again, it’s weird not seeing each other for so long every time.

When I study, I like to keep my house clean and fresh. What better to do this with new granate vases and some pretty flowers on the table!!

And offcourse my romantic little roses stealing dog is there to keep me off my work…

When my parents weren’t at home we had a dinner at home. I made pasta carbonara with entrecote.


At TIGI we got the new Catwalk Collection book (Autumn/Winter’12) It looks amazing. I want to take it home and put it on the coffee table!!!!

It was family time when my uncle, niece and nephew all celebrated their B’days!!

We ended up going to ‘t Pumpke with the family. Love this picture with my niece!! The’s an adult now…

on the 4th of October it’s animals day here in Holland, so my brother brought a present for the little princess.

When it’s autumn I just like to cosy up my home. I made this mix of candles and holders for the sitting erea. That sounds like we live in a huge house, but it’s not I assure you.

Then, another Birthday. this time one of my friends: Marcia turned 27!! Had a great night.

with: Party hats!!

let’s just say it was a good night!!

The next day I had to go home and cuddle with Quintus!! He gets bigger and bigger.

Then…Finally… Tuesday the 9th of October…. Thesis time. It’s done and I handed it in at school in the Hague….. The waiting begins…………

But to keep me busy:

Right after handing in my thesis I flew over to London for a distributors meeting with TIGI

When we got to London we went with the TIGI Holland team for a drink and some great chinese food in China Town.

We had a distributers meeting the next day, and after we had an amazing entertainment dinner, where Nick Irwin and Akos Bodi joined the singing lady! Really funny to watch, and Akos can dance too!!

We all got these masks and my colleage just had to take a picture. They were real vintage masks, very heavy!! Loved the detailing on it though!!!

And we got a Burlesque performance. I’ve never seen one before and it was quite classy naked!!
It did inspire me to work out again!!

The singer was great! Very funny and entertaining

Studded shoulders blazer and a gun-necklace from Modemusthaves as an outfit for the next day.


The Little one is mine;)

And after we went for an early dinner at Jamie’s Italia in Covent Garden (Upper St Martin’s Lane).

The assortiment of fish entree was great!!!!!!!!!

The 2nd course was just Fabulous. This is an mushroom season risotto dish. Absolute divine!!

After dinner we went to the airport and back home!!!!


Hope you liked the photo diary. I’ll try to post more often as I have somewhat less stress now So I can concentrate on the good stuff, like maintaining my blog!!!


X, katie


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I started this blog for the need to share my inspiration, thoughts, dreams, personal style, trends, interests, favorite places and many other things I love. I’m a 28 year old from 's-Hertogenbosch (the Netherlands) with a passion for fashion, photography, writing, and hair products. All in the name of Katie Longtoes For any questions about collaborations, advertising or sponsorship, or for any questions at all, please send an e-mail to
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