Holiday dans la France

As I mentioned in my last post (which is a while ago) we were on holiday!!!!

Had a great time and just wanted to share some holiday pictures.




When you’re in the champagne area… one has to drink some!! REALLY enjoyed it.Image

Imagethis was in Lyon, I loved the city with this old part of town were craftsmen had shops in tiny streets.

Imagebought three amazing little pieces of art there. I’m having them framed, can’t wait what they look like when they are done!!

Imagethe old part of town was great. Everywhere were great, little, old and cute things to look at. i fell in love with this door, it wasn’t allowed to take pictures but I did anyway (bad me). But.. This is my background on my phone now. Just love this picture. 


Imagemy dad was so kind to us that we could borrow his car for our holiday. So to say thank you for that, and him and my mom looking out for our dog, we bought them a HUGE bottle or Hermitage wine. We tasted it at the wine maker and it was amazing!!!! When they got the present they were really happy!!

Imagewe were driving around on a really hot day and saw these cow’s cooling themselves off. looked really funny!!

Imagenear our next campsite (Ardeche) there was this natural river that was made for swimming. Water was really nice!

ImageIn the afternoon we sometimes had lunch at this auvergne that was next to it. Amazing salads!!

ImageOur last day in the Ardeche, the weather wasn’t that great. So we went for dinner in the auvergne. Had an amazing dinner with pate du fois gras and a lovely entrecote, complimented with a 2006 bottle of Hermitage wich was amazing!!!. After dinner we went for the bar which at this point the french speaking owner lighted up and gave us a honey liquer:

ImageIt was really lovely. On that remark he gave me a bottle!! We drank a lot that evening, but had a great time!!

Imagethe next campsite was in the Drome, at the river drome. We had the best spot of the whole campsite, so lucky!!!!!

Imagethe first thing I did when we had our tent organized was this!!! 

ImageThe market in Die (a medieval town) was so good. Fresh vegetables, tasty olives and amazing honey!! We bought most of our food on markets. for one it’s lovely to look around on a market place, and for two the food is much more fresh!!

ImageThis guy had the best saucisses in the whole of france! Too bad we didn’t buy more!!! 


proof! we had a great holiday together!!



In the river there were a lot of people canoeing. Some of them are, what shall I call it…. DUMB! And go through the faster bit wrong. This lady got stuck and the canoe got hit by another one. She still didn’t get her kid out and he was almost drowning. Wessel ran over there and saved this kid; My hero ;).



lunch, yet again 😀

Imageand after that, some wine tasting. We were so near the Provence that we had to go there. The wines were great and we took two boxed of these red and white with us.

ImageI really wanted to visit this old castle in the provence, and so we did. Wessel took this photo of me which  I like a lot!

Imagewhen in the provence… BUY SOAP!! I bought three for myself and three for my mom. We always put them in out clothing closets and they make your clothes smell really fresh and nice!! I love them!!!!

ImageThis picture was in Valence, we walked around there, but a lot of the sight seeing places were closed. We didn’t know why. We did have a lovely lunch in the market square ( I had steak tartare and wessel had speciality of valence, wich was fish with a garlic sauce over it complimented with seafood). 



The campsite in the drome was just perfect. Only 5 steps and we were in the water. Bottle of rose on a sting in the water… perfection!! We sat there a lot in the late sun hours (from 5 until 7). I really loved that spot!!


And then we drove to the Bourgogne area. A few of the most exciting wines in the world come from Burgundy. When we drove the route Des Grand Cruz we ended up in this town called Beaune. It was almost half past 5 so we couldn’t do a lot or sightseeing, but we loved it straight away.

We did end up walking around a bit and saw this wine shop, and it looked really good.


The man who owned it showed us his wine cellar and asked if we would like to taste some wines. OFFCOURSE WE DO!!



We bought four bottles. Which included two of the Pommard, red wine. It was really lovely and strong and flavoursome. We can save it up to 20 years.





The architecture of Beaune was also pretty. We were thinking we’d really want to come back to this place…. SO WE DID, THE NEXT DAY:D


I saw this little restaurant the day before and loved the menu. so we drove up to Beaune and arrived there at about one o clock. The perfect time for lunch!!!!

ImageWessel had a speciality of the region. Oeuf with red wine. I didn’t think it was all that until I tasted it. I would definitely order this if you ever get the chance.

ImageI had one of my favourites: Escargots!!!!! They were really good.


Happy me!!Image

Happy feet!! I always think that brown feet are the best luxury you can have in the world (and it looks nice;).!

Imagewe visited the wine museum but it wasn’t all that. We visited a large wine this (l’imaginarium) the previous day so a lot that was explained we already knew.

ImageOur campsite was close to Beaune. A city wich is famous for Hotel Dieu. 


This hospice was founded in 1443 by Nicolas Rolin and his wife, Guigone de Salins, in care of the sick and the poor. They also donated vineyards so the workhouse itself so they made some money. The Hospices de Beaune was a great success, also through it’s great wines and auctions, the last patient left until 1971. I really loved the place, and it also had a audio tour in every language, so you could understand everything.

ImageThe weather forecast said it would start to rain, so we packed our stuff and drove the scenic route to the champagne, Chalons-en-Champagne is where we ended up. We had a great hotel in the middle of the town. And had some time to kill before dinner so we had a champagne!!!



When we arrived at the restaurant (which I LOOOOVVVEEED), all the other guests were sitting outsite. The nights can get chilly here, so we went inside. I enjoyed a glass of champagne, which ended up to be more than 10 euro’s…… but it was really really tasty!!



I’m looking a bit weird and angry, but that’s fake. Just look at our plates. It was gastronomically delicious!!






ImageSoon the place was full with posh people.



Some of the highlights of our holiday. This was it…. Now it’s back to reality again.

Thesis time!! So please excuse me if I don’t write that often. (L) 


X, Katie




























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