Anthony Mascolo: Creative intelligent!

Motivational Thinking, Creative direction, Artistic Interpretation, Image making, Innovational idealism, Educationally sharing, Insprationally caring, Photographically artistic.. Sheer GENIUS!

Anthony Mascolo has been at the forefront of global hairdressing for the past 30 years, since he first participated in photo shoots and hair shows as a teenager, who showed extraordinary talent.

He is TIGI’s creative director, and he’s doing a great job. the collections are amazing every time with a perfect eye on fashion. Anthony creates the whole image, from the concept to the actual taking the photo’s!

Offcourse he can’t do all this alone, so he has an amazing team: TIGI’s International creative team! They are all pure genius!  The team is much in demand at all the major global hairdressing events and is working with hairdressers around the world, helping them develop their retailing, marketing and image skills. As TIGI haircare goes from strength to strength, the International Creative Team has developed a strong education programme and teach hairdressers new techniques and collections all around the world.

Anthony is an incredible image-maker, as renowned for his photography as he is for his hairstyles. He is also a charismatic personality with a totally creative mind that has made him an inspiration to hairdressers across the globe.

He’s an inspiration to us all in the hairdressing world!

I just wanted to share this inspirational creative director from TIGI with you.

“I had to learn the rules, then I could break them thats what we call Creative Intelligence.” Anthony

This last one was created in the late 1970’s but remain influential today. What do you think?

X, Katie

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One Response to Anthony Mascolo: Creative intelligent!

  1. Pierotucci says:

    I definitely was fooled by the last photo – maybe it is the black and white that make it seem timeless.
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