Photo Diary from last week

I Really enjoy making these posts. It’s looking back on the week that has passed!
So these are my pictures from last week:


Finally last weekend we could enjoy our balcony!! We had a great afternoon having some drinks with one of my best friends and my brother and we ended up having dinner inside (it got cold outside).


And then Anneloes ended up singing us the Beyonce-Halo song. It was quite… how shall I put it…. Awful.



On sunday, I got my hair Coloured and cut on the stage at TIGI Talenthouse, I ended up doing a whole post over it. I love my hair now. The dark purple however is fading a bit.


We had a great dinner sunday evening with almost all of the course attendants at Bodego Antonio. It’a a spanish restaurant without the menu. So you get all different kind of amazingly tasty dishes. We smelled lovely afterwards;)


My boyfriends thinks I’m addicted.. But it’s so much fun. It’s this Iphone app called RUMBLE!! LOOOVEEE IIIIIIIT!!


Tuesday evening the weather was really warm and before the thunder hit I managed to get some sunbeams on my white legs.


I was at home for the evening where this was my view, the dopey family;)


My Dutch Vogue arrived. It had a designed bag by Piet Paris along with it. Love the gift and the thought, it’s really nice to carry a light bag in the summer!!


This was my hairdo yesterday. It was too warm to wear it loose so I just braided it up with a lot of Dirty Secret dry shampoo by TIGI. The purple colours came out really good in this braid style. Too bad you can’t see it really good on the picture.


These Bed Head mini’s came in the office yesterday. The’re so cute!! I trew some in my purse, they really do come in handy!


I had a free afternoon so I spend it walking the dogs with my brother and we went grocery shopping for the BBQ!


Our English friends came over and we had a great BBQ at my parents place. My grandma and her husband also joined us. We had a really good BBQ with Wessel(:”Us men cook meat”) doing al the BBQ’ing.


Yesterday evening I walked the dogs. Me and Quintus (the dog in the picture) like to cuddle. He made a mess out of my new neon trousers but I love him anyway!!

X, Katie

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I started this blog for the need to share my inspiration, thoughts, dreams, personal style, trends, interests, favorite places and many other things I love. I’m a 28 year old from 's-Hertogenbosch (the Netherlands) with a passion for fashion, photography, writing, and hair products. All in the name of Katie Longtoes For any questions about collaborations, advertising or sponsorship, or for any questions at all, please send an e-mail to
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2 Responses to Photo Diary from last week

  1. Anneloes says:

    What do you mean awful?! haha!

  2. Haha.. allright… Pretty awful;)

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