Coiffure Award Gala

Last Sunday was the annual Coiffure Award Gala in The RAI in Amsterdam. Magazine Coiffure and Schwarzkopf professional and I was there.

These things all start with: OUTFIT HUNTING. It didn’t took me long. I found the dress on topshop and had the jacket for a long time:


I Look my boyfriend Wessel. I wanted to show him ‘the business’.

The beautiful Laura van de Graaf en Danielle Sant opened the show.

During the opening of the show they made a tribute to the recently passed Vidal Sassoon. He was a pioneer in the business and made hairdressing a craft.

Each year, another celebrity presents the Coiffure Awards and this year the honor was Chantal Janzen’s. She ruled the stage with funny quotes and different coupes. She ended the evening with a cool rock look and let this definitely see what she can do with your appearance. I found this on dutch newspaper “De Telegraaf” site:

The first award was the Avant Garde, this is one of my favourite ones. Love the drama and the fierceness. This year, Petra van den Burg of salon Hair and Beauty by Petra van den Burg won with these pictures you can see below. Pretty what she did with black and white. The shapes are perfect.

Every year, the winner of last years “Hairdresser of the Year” gives a show.
This Year Hester Wernert Rhine Showed her Deceptive Beauties show. The judges said of her winning collection Deceptive Beauties: “They are strong, individual images with very different structures in terms of cuts, styling and color.” See the image and you will immediately understand what Hester means with her own collection: “I’ll see diversity in color, graphic shapes and soft movements.”

I Love this look, the high shaped hair and the outfit by Jan Taminiau.

The show rocked!! She showed different concept and was diverse in styles and shapes of the hair.

I think my boyfriend (who is from the architecture world) loved the models and the show

The highlight of my evening was the press award. During the nominee’s of the press award this was on the screen: It’s “My” cover.  below on the left is TIGI Hair Reborn on the estetica cover in Holland.*So Proud*

Dominic Vleer from Salon Tof in ‘s-Hertogenbosch won the press award.  Great pictures and pretty colors:

The last, and most important award is the Hairdresser of the year award. This year it was Hester again:

All the winners of The coiffure Awards 2012:

It was a great evening with a lot of dutch talent and greatness. I was proud to be at the awards once again (the first time I got a chance to go I was Thirteen years old). It was an amazing show and I enjoyed it very much.

X Katie

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7 Responses to Coiffure Award Gala

  1. shiroknowes says:

    Are you dutch ???

  2. Leuke blog. heb nu niet veel tijd. ga dr vrijdag eens op m’n gemak naar kijken. Hoezo woon je in Italië. leuk zeg!!

  3. shiroknowes says:

    Ja via de mode ben ik in Italie gekomen en daarna ben ik getrouwd met een Italiaan. We hebben 2 dochters en kom zo ongeveer 1 à 2 x naar Nederland. Jij heb ook een leuke blog, ben je er pas mee begonnen ?

    • Wat leuk zeg!! Ik ben inderdaad pas geleden begonnen met bloggen, vind het echt super leuk!! Doe jij het al veel langer?

      • shiroknowes says:

        Nou niet zo erg lang, vanaf eind februari en vind het ook harstikke leuk maar het iswel hard werken, nou hoop je weer eens gauw te horen blijf in contact als je wil via onze blogs en tot gauw, doeg !!!

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