Photo Diary from last week

I take a lot of pictures and spread them around different social media networks.

These are my pictures from last week


The week started good with the new Dutch Vogue dropping on my door mat. We dutchies had to wait way too long to have a Vogue, but it was worth the wait. I LOVE THIS MAGAZINE!!!!! Karin Swerink is Editor in Chief and i think she does a really really good job!


Then, the doorbell rand. My two dresses I ordered from Topshop are inn!! The fit me perfectly and the fabric is really pretty. I decide to wear the blue one for my dad’s Birthday. We’re going to this nice restaurant with just the four of us. The white one I’m planning on wearing to the Coiffure awards next sunday night.


The saturday paper came, wich featured a couple dutch bloggers. @Stylescrapbook @LizaChloe @cocorosas @COTTDS @AfterDRK.


My outfit for the evening.


Hair style of the evening, do you like the braid my mom did?


Couldn’t resist giving Quintus, our St Bernard a kiss. His birthday was on Monday. One years old; our big boy.


This is my B’day dad with my mother and brother on our way to a great evening.


We went to “De heer Kocken” It’s a one michelin star restaurant in Vught. The name translated means The gentlemen Kocken (last name). This was the first course. A veal steak tartare with basil ice cream, fried anchovy, different sea wead covered tuna pieces and tomato prepared in different ways. It was an amazing dish! We had 5 surprise dishes with complimentary wine. It was a real experience, the different tastes and structures are really surprising.


The next day my feet hurt from the high heels I’ve been wearing. So time for some pampering. Love the text on this tester.


On monday there was this TIGI Love Blonde course at TIGI Talenthouse in Den Bosch. A group (from salon studio 17) didn’t have a couple so they used me. This time, jeans blue dip dye. I like it, It’s like I knew when I picked the outfit in the morning. The outfit tee and jacket are from ModeMusthaves, the necklace is from fashionology.


What do you think? I Love the new colour line Copyright Colour from TIGI. You can get any style you want!!!


Love candles in the house. I got these new ones my boyfriend hates. He think’s the’re too girly. Be that as it may, I LOVE THEM!!


I usually get home from work before my boyfriend does, so my dog can sit on the couch with me. She looks out of the window like this until his car drives in the parking lot. Crazy dog.


My upstairs neighbor’s drain from the washing machine flooded. The water came from everywhere, walls, ceiling lamps and behind our washing machine. It was terrible.


One of my best friends just got a boxer pup. She’s called Puk and she’s adorable. They send over this card. So nice of them. Love it when friends let you know they think of you!

Till next week’s diary.

X, Katie





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I started this blog for the need to share my inspiration, thoughts, dreams, personal style, trends, interests, favorite places and many other things I love. I’m a 28 year old from 's-Hertogenbosch (the Netherlands) with a passion for fashion, photography, writing, and hair products. All in the name of Katie Longtoes For any questions about collaborations, advertising or sponsorship, or for any questions at all, please send an e-mail to
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3 Responses to Photo Diary from last week

  1. Anneloes says:

    Looking good! Love your blue dress and braid! xx

  2. Thanks babe. Mom did it;)

  3. shiroknowes says:

    I like your hairstyle and what a nice photos !

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