Vogue’s Health initiative

The 19 international Vogue editors started the best initiative!


Their motto is: Too young and too thin is no longer in.” The Fashion Magazine will no longer work with models that are younger than 16 years of age of where there’s suspicion of an eating disorder. I think this is a great initiative and i surely hope that a lot of magazine’s will follow Vogue’s example. The dutch Vogue editor in chief, Karin Swerink also signed the initiative, can’t wait to read more in June’s dutch issue.

Topmodel Coco Rocha on the new Vogue modelling guidelines:

“I’ve long been a vocal supporter of setting reasonable standards in the modeling industry,” Not every model appears in Vogue, but every model and every magazine looks up to them as the standard (bearer). I can only imagine this will be a solid step in a direction that will benefit models for generations to come. “


I for one think this initiative is the best in years. This will not cure anorexia, but I think it’s really good for women (and men) everywhere to see healthy models and not skinny of too young ones.

X Katie,

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